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By | May 2, 2020

Fashion Sunglasses Trends in Ireland

Sunglasses are types of glasses designed explicitly to shield your eyes against excess amounts of sunlight or, on other occasions, any kind of light that contains high quantities of energy. With the current advancements in technology precisely in the fashion industry, there is an increase in the production of sunglasses. The outputs guarantees that all types of customers get them as per their needs and preferences. The increase in supply has furthermore led to more unique designs and trends that many people will prefer to wear in regards to fashion.

Currently, below are some of the best trends of sunglasses you could wear to change your look completely.



The butterfly fashion of sunglasses was previously fading out of the market. With a few unique modifications, it has once again come with a bang. It comes in design for both men and women. They are large, and you have a guarantee of a hundred percent protection from light. The aspect of being oversize will automatically elevate your standards in terms of fashion. Also, it comes in either black or brown colors, depending on your preferences.

Cat Eye.

Cat-eye types of sunglasses have a vintage aspect that makes them stand out in a crowd. They will bring out an old school charm in you while still looking fashionable. Many celebrities have come out wearing them, and thus they are still standing out as one of the best designs. Also, they come in a range of colors. However, one concern is the doubt of getting sufficient protection against sunlight because of the small frames. The fashion aspect of it outweighs this concern.

Retro Sound.

They are sunglasses with large round frames that sufficiently protect you against sunlight. Furthermore, you do not have to necessarily wear them when the sun is out since they will look relevant in any occasion. The retro sound design of sunglasses come in different colors also to give you a broader range in selection to meet all your preferences.


They are types of sunglasses with frames only halfway. The top side has them, while the bottom side doesn’t. It comes with designs to suit both men and women. They are quite light, and the lenses also come in a variety of colors. It has thin metallic frames that will give a classic fashion kind of look. Most people refer to it as a semi-rimless or club man. You can wear it on any occasion, and you have a guarantee it will not be out of place.

Flat Tops.

They are aviator designed type of sunglasses with oversized frames. Although the glasses look big, they are more suitable for women than men. You will get to achieve a sporty vibe because of the entire flat top structures. Because of the size, you do not have to worry about getting protection from light. Also, they are lightweight, unlike what you might think. They are also strong since the frames are a bit thick.


They come in slightly curved designed to protect you from light fully. Such designs are the best choice if you plan to spend an extended time in the sun. The right size fits perfectly, and they are made not to give you any levels of discomfort despite the shape. Both men and women can wear them.

Top Sunglasses Fashions for 2020

Although there are many kinds of sunglasses fashions in 2020, these are so far the best designs you can choose. The sunglasses fashions are designer approved. Your choice will entirely depend on your preferences and needs. Before you decide to purchase a type, check with the Sunglasses Shop Ireland to get confirmation if the specific design you want is available. If you are fashion conscious, the designs, as mentioned above, should be part of your wardrobe.